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about Shannon and Brian

You have a legacy to build, and we’re here to help you create it.

wedding photographers in Michigan. We value relationships before and after weddings are over. Whether it’s a phone call, a meeting, family portraits, or your wedding day, our goal is for you to leave your time with us feeling more in love with each other than when you arrived.

pull up a chair and stay a while!

We are Shannon and Brian

Starting your legacy

Legacy is an integral part of what we do. It goes back decades, to when Shannon’s grandparents first married. Love and memories carried them through 54 years of marriage. No matter the circumstance, be it fights with siblings or weary relationships, her grandpa simply told her to "be loving".

That phrase now sits on a wall in the center of our home, next to a portrait of her grandparents and a photo of our children. In our 15 years of marriage, that phrase has shown us that we can get through anything.

We share this story because these tender, loving moments from your wedding day will influence your marriage for good. Photographs of you loving one another and celebrating your thoughtful union will carry you forward.

This belief prompts us to create the most pure, love-filled experience possible at every wedding. Are you striving for a legacy like this one? We’d love to document it for you.

That’s the core of what we do.

Influencing marriages for good with pure, love-filled wedding photography.

Inspired by family, love and personal connections.

We have been in love for 16 years, have two beautiful children and are constantly inspired by our community. Shannon is known for being genuine, simple, down to earth and a good listener. She loves rustic, vintage finds, running and spending time with our children!

Brian loves being a father because it encourages him to be a better influence and person overall. He’s a storyteller and has a charming sense of humor. He also enjoys continuously learning new things and training for his next run (he’s completed two marathons and a fair share of triathlons).

Our goal is to create a life-changing experience for our clients, and be a positive influence on every individual we work with. We want to show our children that you should follow your dreams no matter what anyone tells you. 

Photography is our dream because it allows us to work together, experiencing love in so many forms, all while leaving a positive influence on our clients’ lives. 

We’ve photographed numerous couples and cherish the lifelong friendships we have developed.

about us

It took nothing short of a miracle to have our two kids — Aiden and Alyssa. The two of them have been such a blessing. It's something we can't easily put into words. They both have changed us and who we want to become. 

We could talk about them all day long, but we prefer talking about you when we meet, so here’s a glimpse into their little, lively personalities.

The kiddos we love

Aiden is seven and is our miracle baby. He is full of life and energy, and often amazes us with his smarts. He loves baseball, riding the four wheeler outside and playing soccer. Right now, if you try to ask if he loves his mom or dad more, he’ll just say, “I love everybody.” But let’s be honest, he’s a momma’s boy. He’s full of life and has such a sweet love for his sister. He astounds us way too often with his athleticism and wits.


Alyssa is five and oh gosh, she is strong-willed, independent and such a girly girl. She has a caring heart. She’ll walk right up to her great grandma, pat her on the cheek and say, “My GiGi.” She loves Peppa Pig and adores being outside. She follows in her brother’s footsteps — she’s a daredevil, but with a clumsy side.


In addition to wedding scenes and bridal veils, we’ll occasionally sneak a recent photograph of these two onto Instagram. Follow along!

We can’t wait to learn more about you!

Ready to swap sweet little stories?

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