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The story behind this treasure goes something like this.

We recently added on to our house and are redoing our kitchen. If you are like everyone else in this world they love the show “Fixer Upper”. I have been trying to incorporate that design into my house. And plan to put a wooden counter top on my kitchen island. I searched online for ideas and found that you could buy these old train car floor boards. Well that idea went out the window really fast because they were super expensive.

My husband is pretty handy with making things. All the more reason I love that man!  He told me that he could make it and just make it look rustic. I told him that I wanted the boards to be thick and in my mind I had no idea where he was going to find those at but I trusted that he would find just the perfect wood. And he did!

He came home one day and told me that he found my boards. And of course I asked where. He said “J’s grandpa is tearing down his old barn and said we could get some wood out of it.” I was thrilled and I hadn’t even seen the barn yet! We went and looked and I immediately fell in love with it. I walked inside and my mind just overflowed with the ideas I had and my heart burst with joy. Not only for all the decorating ideas but with all photography ideas too!!! They thought I was crazy. After walking around for a while we had found the 2 inch thick boards that we were looking for plus some barn door hardware that I was looking for. There were so many treasures in that barn!

I was beyond thrilled with all of this that I instantly thought how I can say thank you. My husband and I came up with an idea to take a picture of the barn and frame it with some of the wood from the barn. But I want this to be a surprise! So shhhhhh!!!!! We are still in the process of getting the wood and making the frame. When that is complete I will be sure to update everyone with how it turned out.

I know Mr. E doesn’t keep up with technology but I want to take the moment to say thank you for allowing me to have a little piece of your family’s history. I am beyond words what it means to me and I hope that this picture will bring back memories that you have treasured forever. But I am so glad that I got this opportunity to not only have a piece of this treasure forever but I also got an amazing opportunity to capture this treasure that you can have forever.

Family Farm Barn Treasures

Family Farm Barn Treasures

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