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From Michigan beach weddings to elegant barn weddings, we’ve worked with some amazing couples. Add on a sprinkling of family photos, maternity and newborn pictures and wow — we get to meet so many wonderful people.

four generations holding hands

Last year when my grandmother passed away, I was asked to do her eulogy. My first thought was how in the world would I ever be able to stand up in front of everyone and even talk. But I was honored to tell her story and portray how grand of a person she was. I am […]

couple standing on beach opening champagne

You’re engaged…Congratulations! Now you ask yourself what to wear for your engagement photos. And it’s always a little intimidating to have your picture taken …. even if it’s just a photo on an iPhone that a friend takes. We still want to look nice, make sure nothing is in our teeth and that our hair […]


Brian & I decided when we started our business that we would show up differently. We would run our business in a way that we could give back to people in our Mid-Michigan community. This was placed on our hearts when we started our business. During these dark times, we especially want to show up […]


How is it even possible that my little princess turned three?  Although I wish that we had a big party on Tuesday, we did not. We can’t! COVID-19 has struck, and it hit hard. We have quarantined at our home for several weeks and have no idea when it will end. I am thankful for […]

couple on dow gardens red bridge

Sometimes you meet with clients, and you click…this happened with Paul and Emily. While we first met them at Five Guy’s in Lansing to talk about their Dow Gardens engagement. Furthermore, we remind ourselves how blessed we are to build relationships for a living and capture our clients’ timeless milestones. What a fantastic gift! On the […]

couple kissing on red couch on the beach in tawas

By all means, this wedding is a beauty! But let’s be honest, when you have a couple as stunning and genuine as Lo and Amanda plus an incredibly stylish day from start to finish, there’s no other choice but to over-share! Most of all, their fantastic celebration at the Tawas Beach Bay Resort made the perfect backdrop […]

Couple Photography in Ludington, MI

I have been obsessing over these photos, and I am SOOO excited to share them with everyone, finally! We had the honor of doing our FIRST EVER sunrise sweetheart session in Ludington State Park. See, there is just something special about capturing the love between two people that turns my heart into a puddle, and […]

wedding couple kissing on beach in Ludington

From the second I met Jeff and Jordan, I knew their wedding would be nothing short of top-notch. These two showcased style and class, and they sure knew how to party! Jeff and Jordan’s day was beautiful from start to finish. These two had an epic celebration at Iris Hills, a beautiful space nestled along […]

couple holding hands walking along beach in Ludington

It’s no secret we adore this Ludington beach engagement it’s a photographer’s dream come true; any of my couples can attest to how giddy we get when they request a beach engagement session! We are just addicted to that beautiful, warm light that happens only twice a day, once at daybreak and then again an […]

first look Spring Grove Park Hudsonville, MI

Curtis and Autumn’s classic Michigan wedding was a perfect day. With an incredible couple. The best group of people. And a long-awaited celebration that was 100% worth every moment that led them to it. On their own, they are brilliant and beautiful, but together they are a power couple. Their love has been 10 years […]

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